Lilo's groom

Hey I'm Lilo and I just wanted to show off my new groom. 

Even though the table scares me a little bit, Louise is always so gentle and gives me lots of cuddles - so I always know i'll be OK. Even though I get scared, I always know I will leave smelling amazing and looking so refreshed - its my favourite feeling.

The best bit though, is the homemade dog treats that Louise makes, they're so scrummy and I really wish she would give me 10 of them.






Tessa's tale

I was born on the streets in Russia. It was pretty cold there and I remember that my baby teeth chattered a lot as a pup from shivering. My bed was a huge cardboard box, we even had some newspaper to sleep on. I'd heard tales of other doggies who had slept on real cushions and I had always wondered what that would feel like.

My Mumma left us when we were just 6 months old. Me and my sisters were scared but determined to stay tough on the streets. Me and my siblings loved roaming the streets and running free.

Then one day we were picked up by some mean people who put is in cages and didn't let us move much. It wasn't fun and I was quite sad and lonely a lot of the time.

Until a very nice lady from Chimney Farm came along. She told me she was going to take me on an aeroplane and to a lovely place where I would make lots of new friends. I was so excited and hoped it was a little warmer where we'd be going.

Before we knew it we were on the plane and landed in this place called the United Kingdom - how fancy!

I loved the United Kingdom, the air smelt so fresh here and the grass tasted different. I knew I'd like my new home, but I was sad to still be in a cage - I was always a street dog.

One day a young lady named Louise popped in to say hello and we shared a really special moment. It made my tail wag extra fast and I just knew we'd be lifelong friends. She knew it too, because the next thing I knew, Louise took me home to be with her and her family! I now have a new sister - Pippa to play with, a huge garden to frolick in and I've never had so many cuddles - its the best!

I love greeting all of the newcomers at Wiggle-Butts and can't wait to say hey when you pop by.

Love and licks
Tessa xx

Gatsby's stay

When Mummy and Daddy told me they were off on a holiday and that I was going on an extra special trip somewhere, I was very excited! We packed up all of my favourite toys and off we went.

When we turned up at Wiggle-Butt's I was so happy - Louise is so much fun and always lets me play in the garden. Every day we'd all run around outside until I was so tired I needed a little nap - and then we'd all head out for our walk together, I saw some really neat places.

My favourite part of my trip though, was definitely the belly rubs. Louise has the perfect belly rub action and it sends me off into doggy day-dreaming.

Next time Mummy and Daddy go away again, I hope I can come and stay here again - it was very fun! 



Pippa's open home

Hey I'm Pippa and I'm the longest resident at Wiggle-Butts. It was my idea to set the place up actually!

I've seen some interesting characters come and go - but my favourite is always when a guest leaves, but only because that means its dog treat time. Louise makes special home made dog treats for every Wiggle-Butts guest - and don't tell her but sometimes I sneak one off of the table when shes not looking. 

My management role is to make everyone who comes here feel very welcome, so you'll always find my tail wagging, or my belly in the air ready for a scratch.

Hope to see you soon